This page is dedicated to the teachers who participate in the Nebraska Writing Project: Native American Literature Institute. This page is intended to give them a space to offer advise concerning the teaching of Native American Literature.”Understand that there is a lot to chew here, a lot to bite off.

It will take a while to consume and digest what is necessary to have an understanding of Native Studies. It may be intimidating to see how little you know, but remember that you will be dealing with a people who have been neglected and abused for centuries. The literature has been sparse. So has the instruction. Don’t worry about how much you don’t know. Focus your energy instead on having an open mind and trying to slowly intake the mass of information out there. The book “AMERICAN INDIANS: Stereotypes and Realities” by Devon Mihesuah is a good place to start (Rachel Jenks).”

“Taking up the teaching of Native American Literature is taking on the responsibility of introducing students the stories of  Native American people.  There is a great pressure to get it right, to tell it true, to be an honest speaker. This is no small thing, so be be patient with your self, and keep an open mind and heart to the stories you may be hearing for the first time (Bernice Olivas)